Liquid Damage Repair

  • Duration: 1-2 Business Days

    If your phone has liquid damage, the first thing we must do is treat the logic board. If there are any parts that have been damaged due to liquid (screen, battery, charging port, etc.), there will be an additional charge to the repair. Additional pricing will vary, most of our liquid damaged phones will only need the liquid damage treatment, which starts at $150. We would not know which parts are functional until we treat the liquid damage on the logic board. Once we treat the liquid damage, we will know if other components function properly or needs to be repaired.

    If the liquid damage repair is not successful, we will only charge a service fee of $45 for diagnostics. There is no guarantee to liquid damage treatment but we do have a high success rate. If your phone has been exposed to water more than 1 week, the chance of survival will be lower. We have a 85% success rate on phone’s that have been treated 1 week prior to any liquid exposure.


    We are open from Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, & Sunday we are closed. You are more than welcome to walk-in at any time with no appointment necessary.

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: Closed

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